Summer looks like Gabe Giancarlo flying through the air for a soccer save
Summer looks like Gabe Giancarlo flying through the air for a soccer save

[Editor’s note: Every Wednesday during the summer, we will ask Oregon high school athletes to answer a question pertaining to summer. The best and most interesting responses will be published. In this edition we asked students to make sense of summer. The most thoughtful responses appear below…]

“Summer looks like warm clear days. Summer sounds like a slight breeze traveling through the trees and water from a nearby pool splashing around. Summer tastes like burgers, hot dogs, ribs and ice cream, all foods from a backyard barbecue. Summer feels like a time where you’re free of your obligations during the school year and is just a time to relax. Summer smells like clear air and a warm breeze.” -- Theron Patridge, soccer, Class of 2023, Ashland HS

“Summer sounds like chanting; boisterous with a demand to be heard. Summer looks distant, always remaining a few steps ahead. Summer smells fresh and cold through thick material. Summer tastes sweet, as always, but there's a new bitterness you can't ignore. Summer feels different.” -- Isabella Alfaro, cheerleading, Class of 2024, Clackamas HS

“Summer to me looks like lakes and swimming. It sounds like the splashing of a fish as I reel it in on my rod. Summer tastes like watermelon and popsicles. It feels like the hot sun on my back and smells like the fresh grass of the soccer pitch.” – Mario Jacobson, soccer, Class of 2023, Ashland HS

“My summer looks like sunny days and having fun with my friends. It sounds like people talking and running at the beach. It tastes like fresh air and lots of water. It feels like freedom with no worries about school and smells like flowers and fruit trees in their prime.” -- Vadim Boyarchuk, football, Class of 2023, Clackamas HS

“Summer looks sunny, feels hot, sounds like crickets, tastes like hamburgers and smells like the outdoors.” Charlie Sherman, soccer, Class of 2023, Ashland HS

“The five senses of summer to me -- feel, smell, taste, sound and looks -- represent a time to work hard and a desire to get better at what I love most. Soccer has always been a big part of my life and every summer I have gotten better by going out on my own and working hard to achieve the goals I set for myself. I want to be the best I can possibly be and with summer I can do this, especially with the help of teammates and friends.” – Ashley Peterson, soccer, swimming and track & field, Class of 2022, Canby HS

“Summer looks like staying home and working out and playing video games. It sounds like a lot of music that I have played. It tastes like all of the food I have eaten. It feels like we need sports to come back because I’m getting bored of watching regular TV. It smells like the delicious food I have been eating.” -- Conner McCarty, football and baseball, Class of 2022, Clackamas HS

“Summer looks like everyone outside playing in pools, or having water fights. It is the sounds of birds chirping and kids playing. It tastes like lots of ice cream and popsicles. And it’s the smell of a campfire somewhere every night.” – Audrey Reid, soccer, Class of 2024, Clackamas HS

“Summer looks like relaxation. You can sleep in; you do not have to follow the same schedule each day as you would during school hours. The relaxation comes from the stress of school being lifted and it gives you a sense of freedom. Summer sounds like laughter. I like to be with my friends during the summer and we are always making jokes and making each other laugh. There’s no stress, just friends enjoying every day. Summer tastes to me like fast food:  McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Subway. I get reminded of these because when you’re with your friends a lot of the time you are just going to get something quick and fast instead of sitting down somewhere to eat. Summer feels like heat. It's hot in the summer so I spend time outside with my friends and am always reminded of the heat. Summer smells like food. I think of a lot of outside grilling or cooking where the smell wafts for blocks.” – Jordy Tawa, football, wrestling and baseball, Class of 2022, West Linn HS

“Summer is freedom. You can choose your plans with the whole day at your fingertips.” – Gabe Giancarlo, soccer, Class of 2021, Ashland HS