Time at the river is a great way to spend a perfect summer day
Time at the river is a great way to spend a perfect summer day

[Editor’s note: This is the final edition of Summer Spotlight. Every Wednesday for the past seven weeks, we have invited Oregon high school athletes to answer a question pertaining to summer. The responses each week have been both informative and entertaining. We conclude the series today by asking students to describe perfection in a summer day. Here is what we received…]

“Waking up in a good mood when the sun is nice and bright, then getting a delicious breakfast. After that I would go to the river with my friends and we would spend the rest of the day there just playing and we would eat lunch at the river and play some more then go home when it’s about time for dinner. For dinner me and my family would go out to a restaurant. And then I would go to sleep and start a new day.” --  Carmen Jorgensen, volleyball, Class of 2024, Newberg HS

“Wake up at noon. Play video games all day. Hang out with friends. Go to bed at 4 in the morning.” --  Jake Speich, football, Class of 2021, Tigard HS

“My perfect summer day...Waking up at 7:30 refreshed and energetic. Go on a run. Eat a good breakfast made by my mom. Quick tidy my room/take shower/get ready for day. Work until 3 (babysit). Call one/hang out with a friend for an hour. Eat a yummy dinner made by my dad. Watch a good show with my sisters. Read Bible/book ‘til 11. Sleep.” -- Olyvia Oeverman, cross country and basketball, Class of 2022, St. Stephen’s Academy

“For my ideal summer day I would start by getting up at about 8:00 a.m. I would check my phone, get a quick granola bar, and then go to a practice or do a workout on my own. My preferred practice would be soccer or track because they are outside, but basketball would be okay, too. If I were to do a workout by myself it would probably start with a two to four mile run. Following up on the run I would do some basic exercises (pushups, crunches, squats, etc.) and maybe some weights. After my workout I would eat a bowl of cereal, brush my teeth and head outside to do some yard work. This yard work would probably just be sweeping the leaves and pine needles off of our deck. While doing this I would listen to a good audio book on my phone. Once done I would come inside and take a lukewarm shower. By now it is nearly afternoon so I would continue to listen to my audio book while I play a game on my phone. At some point around 12:00 noon, I would get some lunch, and maybe watch a show, probably “Naruto” or “Stranger Things.” The rest of the afternoon would consist of me listening to an audio book or watching TV. Around 6:00 p.m. would be dinnertime with my whole family. This may be the highlight of my day because of the jokes my dad and grandpa make; often getting them "in trouble" with my grandma. In the evening we would all watch a show together, probably a “M.A.S.H.” episode or “Travel Man.” To cap it all off we would go outside and sit around our fire pit in the setting sun. Finally I would go inside, brush my teeth and go to my crawlspace under the stairs, where I sleep.” -- Caleb Graham, soccer, basketball and track & field, Class of 2023, Newberg HS

“Get up. Eat breakfast. Go to the field for practicing and conditioning with my friend. Go home. Go swimming and hang out with friends. Eat lunch, watch Netflix and do some summer homework. Club practice and eat dinner. Go to bed.” -- Selina Gallardo, soccer, Class of 2023, Newberg HS

“I wake up, I do my daily 10 minute workout and then I eat breakfast. Sometimes in the morning I play video games with friends but usually no. Then I get stuff done that I need to do and by 12ish we usually go somewhere and swim and be in nature most likely with friends. Then in the evening I usually watch a show or YouTube about cars or something like that.” --Noah Houchin, football and track & field, Class of 2024, Ashland HS

“Summer days blend together and most times I don't even realize that another day has gone by. I have a decent view of lush trees and the bright sun from my desk. Usually, that's as close as I get to being outside. Every summer I'm thrown into an endless cycle of sitting and sleeping. It feels like there's nothing left to do, or at least, there's nothing that I'd want to do. The sun goes down and I'm left thinking about how this will all finally come to an end when September comes. Hopefully.” -- Isabella Alfaro, cheerleading, Class of 2024, Clackamas HS

“Wake up earlier in the morning, roughly 6-7, eat a quick breakfast, and workout for the next hour or so. After the workout, finish breakfast with some protein packed foods. From 8-2 work at my job, then get some lunch, probably something light like sandwiches or soup. Afterwards either head to an athletic facility and practice my sport by myself, or hopefully have team practices for either my club or high school team. Finish the day with a hearty dinner, and a shower, and get some sleep!” – Zach Teran, lacrosse, Class of 2021, Newberg HS