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Through a new partnership between the OSAA and the Oregon Army National Guard, the Most Valuable Teammate program is launching today. The program will recognize athletes that exemplify what being a teammate is all about:

  • Leads by example
  • Willing to play any role
  • Works hard
  • Displays a positive and energetic attitude
  • Supports others

Every varsity coach across OSAA member schools will be asked to identify the Most Valuable Teammate (MVT) of their team. Each MVT will receive a commemorative co-branded item that celebrates this honor. The items will be presented at schools by National Guard members, when possible. All MVTs selected by all coaches will have the opportunity to apply for one of three $1,000 college scholarships (one per season). Of all MVTs identified by coaches, one will be selected and recognized for each activity.

In addition, one student from each school will be selected by the Athletic Director and recognizes as the Most Valuable Classmate. This individual will be acknowledge for their school spirit, support of their peers, leadership, and sportsmanship. Each MVC will receive a co-branded item that will presented at schools by National Guard members, when possible.

Coaches and Athletic Directors can submit their selections on the OSAA website:

Any questions about the MVT program can be directed to Connor Heintz at