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Softball General Information

STAFF CONTACT: Kelly Foster, Assistant Executive Director, 503.682.6722 x233, kellyf@osaa.org


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OSAA Official Softball

Wilson A9011 B-SST

(COR .47 max) poly center, compression 375 lbs. max *NOTE* Softballs must include NFHS, COR and Compression stamps to be legal.

Important Season Dates - 2021

Pitchers/Catchers Rule of 8
February 15
First Practice Date
March 1
First Contest/Jamboree Date
March 15
Cutoff - Contest vs. Teams More than One Classification Away
April 7

Cutoff - Contests Added
After a Certain Date
April 14

4A Rankings Freeze Date
May 17
6A, 2A/1A Rankings Freeze Date
May 20
6A, 2A/1A Cutoff Date
May 20
5A, 3A, Rankings Freeze Date
May 22
5A, 4A, 3A, Cutoff Date
May 22
6A, 2A/1A First Round
May 24
5A, 4A, 3A, First Round
May 26
6A, 2A/1A Second Round
May 26
All Quarterfinals
May 28
All Semifinals
June 1
3A, 2A/1A Finals
June 4
6A, 5A, 4A Finals
June 5

Line-Up Cards - Updated July 2018

» Softball Line-up Cards - Online Only