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Showing articles by John Tawa

Boys basketball coach Scott Kellar has been changing lives at Century for 23 years

Dynastic Cobras getting the run around in efforts to replace condemned track

Drs. Mark and Thuy Hughes work as physicians on the front line while tending to all lines as soccer coaches

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Practice gets better with a little help from above

Volleyball program benefits from veteran coach who couldn’t stay retired

Building successful sports programs at Centennial starts with the buildings themselves

Fledgling swim team makes waves with state titles, camaraderie

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With Steelhead for a school nickname, it’s no wonder that sports at the Bend private school start with a run

Morse code with Challenger boys basketball program goes beyond X’s and O’s

When Tim Ganfield interviewed to be basketball coach at Cascade they lobbed him a softball

A novice soccer player, Cherokee Lester turned into a keeper